Please join us on April 6th for the 3rd in our series of events at 118 Elliot St. All proceeds go to support WVEW.


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About Us

WVEW 107.7 LP is Brattleboro, Vermont’s community radio station. Free of corporate influence, we embrace free speech and engaging discussion around the topics that shape our community and the world around us. More than 50 DJ’s and volunteers contribute time, energy and dedication to support the station. Our schedule features a wide range of musical genres, and alternative news services like Free Speech Radio News and Democracy Now.

Remember that you can always stream us by clicking the “ON THE AIR” button at the upper right of this page, or you can use our iPhone and Android apps, available HERE.

We Welcome and Train New DJs and Volunteers

  • If you live within the broadcast range of WVEW and would like to become a DJ, please fill out a  Program Host Information Form.  We will get in touch with you to discuss your show and to schedule training.
  • If you would like to volunteer in some other way, or you would like to become a WVEW member, underwriter, or you just have something to say to us, please contact us.

To Call The Studio:

Want to call a show that is currently on the air?  Call 802-246-6107.


Support Brattleboro’s only community radio station — independent, all-access radio that is beholden to no one but you, the listeners!

$75 per year will make you a member, which enables you to have your own show and grants you voting rights regarding board elections and other issues. $20 will help support WVEW, and you’ll become a member of our community.

You can become an Underwriter by contributing:

3 months $107.70
6 months $200.00
1 year $365.00

Underwriters are acknowledged on air at least once a day.

Support WVEW

With Thanks To Our Current Underwriters…

Special Thanks…

  • Eric Annis
  • David N Dunn, Esq.
  • In The Moment Records
  • Junior X: Blue Monday
  • Main Street East
  • plant802.com
  • Steven Twiss: Recycled Radio
  • Ira Wilner Broadcast Engineering