Audio Help

Audio Help

For most users, you should just be able to click on the Play (“>”) button and a pop-up window will appear and streaming audio will commence automatically. However, if this is not working for you there may be a couple of parameters to check. First, make sure you are on a modern browser such as Firefox (v3 or above) or Internet Explorer (v7 or above). Internet Explorer 6 is not supported anymore and few modern websites will work with it – please upgrade. Second, make sure you have “pop-up blocker” turned OFF on your browser. This is a feature in some browsers (most notably Internet Explorer) and is usually ON by default, to inhibit pop-up advertising but can interfere with normal functioning on some websites (such as this one). Third, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. If all else fails you can listen using the older method of access through iTunes or WinAmp. Read on…

How to listen using WinAmp or iTunes

You need a streaming media player that can play MP3 file. For MP3 files, a wide variety of players exists. We recommend the following players: Winamp (for windows) iTunes (for mac)
Make sure you have the latest software.
We always recommend having the latest version of the software you are using for streaming. On older systems this often solves the problem of not being able to connect.
Connecting Directly
If you know that you already have the latest software installed on your computer, but the broadcast still does not work for you, try clicking or pasting the direct link (below) to the broadcast directly into the player of your choice.

Direct Link:

Streaming through Firewalls

Some network administrators will set firewalls to block streams. If you have been able to successfully stream from one location but are unable to from another, like your workplace or university, contact your administrator to see if the firewall is blocking the stream and if she or he is willing to change the settings for you.

Trouble Connecting

When listening to radio over the Internet, there are many interruptions that can occur between your computer and the computer streaming the audio signal. Due to so many points of failure, the interruption you experience is often temporary.

1) The first thing to try when unable to connect is to try the connection at different times in the day.

2) Make sure you check the help files of your player in case the trouble is at your end, or try listening to another radio station with the same software.

3) Because there are so many MP3 players available, in the case of the MP3 stream you might want to try another player and see which one is best for you.

4) A player will buffer without enough bandwidth. During peak listening hours the problem may be not enough bandwidth on our end – in that case, all you can do is come back and listen at another time. If the problem is on your end, please increase your player’s buffer setting. Check the help files of your player to see how. Also, not running too many applications in at the same time will help the bandwidth of your player.

5) If you recently upgraded your browser before having trouble, you will most likely need to reinstall the player you are using to use with the new version of your browser.

iTunes Help

In iTunes, go to Advanced -> Open Stream, then copy and paste in the direct link from our website:

System Requirements

Beyond the obvious (speakers/headphone, sound card) we do not have minimum requirements available.

In general, we recommend that listeners use a PC with Windows XP, Firefox, and winampor iTunes installed or a Mac with OS X and iTunes installed plus a high-speed internet connection.